If thinking of submitting to RAW LIGHT, be aware that almost all work there will be by invitation only.


However, in case you’re still determined to send work, read the following, then look at RAW LIGHT for contact details.

This update (moving sites) happened April 2014.

Expect No Money: All contributions are unpaid, except where a commission fee has been agreed beforehand. Your efforts will be rewarded with publication, not filthy lucre. This is standard practice for most online literary magazines and not an indication that we don’t value your work. Personally, I believe that all writers should be paid for their hard graft. But only if the market allows for that to happen without relying on public subsidy. And in poetry and grass-roots level lit-fic, that’s a beautiful dream that has yet to be realised.

NOTE on acknowledgements: You will NOT receive any acknowledgement of receipt unless you ask for one specifically by flagging this up in the first line of your email and in the SUBJECT line, i.e. Poetry Submission – Please Acknowledge Receipt! (We may not open emails for several weeks, hence prominent flagging required.) And to be utterly candid, if we fail to spot that your email has been flagged as needing an acknowledgement, you simply won’t get one and will have to wait for a reply in due course. Sorry!

NOTE on turnaround time: All submissions will be read at some point in time. For the sake of your own sanity, however, you should consider all hope is lost after about 6-8 weeks. If we reply after that, it’s our hard cheese if your work has been sent elsewhere and there will be no recriminations. However, if you are sending to several magazines at once, please be honest and state as much in your covering note. (See below.)

    And now for Some Important Stuff: Please Read Before Submitting

Always include a covering note, telling us 1. what you’re sending, 2. who you are, 3. anything you may have done within the realm of writing that may impress us, and 4. some indication that you have done your research, know who we are and what we represent, and that this is not just a generic ‘blast my work out randomly to 50 different mags in one email’ submission.

Points 1 – 4 above will have a serious bearing on whether we even read your work.

Poetry: To submit poetry to Epicentre, just send us up to 5 pages of poetry, for starters. Email these as a WORD doc. (Handy Hint: Avoid others such as docx, RTF, PDF, WTF, for these formats tend to put us in a nasty mood before we’ve even opened your submission.) If we want to accept any of your work, or see a different selection, we’ll let you know. If you are sending one long poem that rolls over 5 pages, see Fiction below for hints on how to deal with this issue. What kind of poetry are we looking for? Poetry of both a mainstream and an experimental nature. Try us.

Non-Fiction: To submit a review, interview or feature article, you have a choice. You can send your work unsolicited and hope for the best. Or you can chat about them to us in an email, which is probably your best bet, and if we’re interested, we’ll give you some indication of whether or not we may accept that kind of thing from you. Though if you are a new writer or entirely unknown to us, you should not consider any invitation to submit work after such a conversation as a definite ‘Yes, we love this!’ We may feel enthusiastic after our little chat, then read your subsequent piece and sink into editorial despondency. In general, reviews and other non-fiction pieces should be concerned with contemporary poetry, first and foremost, and then prose fiction as a kind of country cousin. They should also be of RECENT books, not your own (!!), though books by mates are considered fair game if you’re going to be at least a little bit rude about them, and by RECENT, we mean in the past 6 months, preferably, or up to a year ago if we’re feeling generous. We may be interested in retrospectives, however, if you want to take a fresh look at an older collection or Selected work. Reviews should be lively and informed – but never stuffy, academic, or coyly impenetrable. Save that for the likes of PN Review.

Fiction: Send up to 5000 words of prose fiction. We are unlikely to look with any interest on work which is not literary in nature. This does not, however, exclude literary genre writing. A space travel story told poetically would be an example. If your work is longer than 5000 words but not excessively so, send it anyway but point this out in your covering note, so we don’t assume from your submission that you can’t follow simple instructions.


8 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Looks good. Italic font a bit hard to read – faint even when enlarged.

    Posted by Peter Daniels | January 20, 2012, 1:25 pm
  2. Looks okay to me, Peter. But

    Posted by Jane Holland | January 20, 2012, 1:57 pm
  3. But … as I was trying to say before WordPress rudely published my comment before I intended it to … I have bionic vision.

    I’ll see what I can do.

    Posted by Jane Holland | January 20, 2012, 1:58 pm


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