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Epicentre has moved!

SMALL CROPPED dreamstime_epicentre writer image photoSince it proved rather hard to promote and maintain a new site with submissions, Epicentre is kind of closing, though in reality morphing into something else.

From now on, find poems, reviews, poetry stuff and other writing-related business at RAW LIGHT.

What is RAW LIGHT?

This is a poetry-related blog that’s been going strong since 2005, and still gets hundreds of hits every day. So it struck me as a better place to be showcasing work than a brand-new site which I don’t have time to adequately promote.

Please Note:

    Submissions for Raw Light are NOT being solicited, but are by invitation only.

However, if you feel I am likely to want your work on RAW LIGHT – because, you know, you’re a published poet whose work I already know, or I owe you a favour – then feel free to ask my opinion on the situation.

You can contact me via RAW LIGHT.

Go visit Raw Light. Admire. Ogle.


April 9th, 2012
Epicentre Magazine launches April 9th 2012. Sign up to follow our posts if you'd like to track our progress towards publication.

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